Packages of beams are transported by any type of transport in compliance with the requirements established specifically for each type of transport.
Indoors beams can be stored both packed and unpacked, sorted by brands, in bags, on wooden gaskets without direct contact with heating devices. It is allowed to store beams in the open air if they are protected from the direct impact of climatic factors.
During transportation and storage, the beam packages must be protected from mechanical damage by moisture and contamination. The conditions of transportation and storage of products must ensure the complete safety of products.
Beams should be used only if there is an approved project of timbering works.
In fact, that timbering beams are used repeatedly, after each disassembly of the timbering, each beam must be carefully examined for violations of the quality of products such as the integrity of the adhesive seam, the absence of unacceptable deformations of beams, the absence of unacceptable deformations, chips and destruction of beam elements.
The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of I-beam wooden timbering beams with the requirements of these technical specifications, subject to the rules and conditions of their transportation, storage and operation.
The turnover of the timbering not lower than 20 turnarounds, subject to the requirements for storage, transportation, and operating instructions.
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