Formwork beam

Wooden I-beams at a price of 410 rubles. per running meter
Beam manufacturer in Moscow - what should you pay attention to first of all?
A high-quality floor formwork beam is what any structure rests on, which in the future claims the proud title of a house, a building. This is a very important building element that sets the shape of the concrete monolith and the entire reinforced concrete structure.

The floor beam is a kind of skeleton on which the entire formwork rests. Of course, a beam is a consumable material, but the requirements for it should be the highest, because this is the basis - the overall reliability and strength of the structure will depend on the quality of the beam and unifork.

The manufacturer must be responsible for the manufacture of this important structural element. We offer I-beams in strict accordance with all technical standards for load-bearing elements.

Our company guarantees high-quality production of floor formwork beams and excellent prices from the manufacturer. For example, the I-beam we offer - you can't imagine a better price. You save on cost, not design.

Wooden beam formwork

The Beam-Formwork company manufactures a formwork beam from plywood. These products are otherwise called BDK beams or I-beams. Externally, the design is a wooden profile in the shape of the letter H. I-beams can be made of metal and wood. Wooden beams have found application in frame construction. They are used in the construction of interfloor ceilings, in the formation of the frame of the house, in the construction of attic floors, for the arrangement of truss systems.

Products are lighter than metal, which reduces the overall weight of the building. The technical characteristics of the formwork beams are regulated by GOST standards.

Design purpose

Floor beams are used in the installation of formwork and perform a load-bearing function. They create a frame on which the formwork rests. I-beams can be installed vertically and horizontally. Due to its low weight, it is not necessary to use special equipment to lift the formwork beams to a height.

The low price is another advantage of these designs. The use of wooden I-beams can be considered as the most economical formwork option.

The strength properties of the BDK are determined by the material of its manufacture. The product withstands a load of 400 kg/m2 for floors and 220 kg/m2 for truss systems. In the production of formwork beams, waterproof laminated formwork plywood is used, which is glued with formaldehyde glue in several layers. This material is made on the basis of FSF birch plywood, which is lined with a special moisture-proof film.

Plywood of this type has a perfectly flat surface, which is an essential condition for creating formwork.
Thanks to a special film, the formwork beam has increased resistance to abrasion and prevents slipping.

Products have high strength, demonstrate resistance to moisture and chemicals. These indicators are achieved not only through lamination, but also by processing the ends of the product with special acrylic paint.

The working temperature range of shuttering plywood is from -40 to +50C°. This allows the use of beams for formwork on objects of any type without restrictions.
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